Green chemistry refers to the chemical innovation involved in creating products that are sustainable for our planet. This is accomplished by crafting unique methods to minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances. We have put a great deal of thought, design, engineering and effort into crafting chemical fabric solutions that radically reduce the use of water in our treatments. This reduction of water intake reduces water wastage, creating an eco-friendly and efficient product. However, we ensure that our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there. Our waste water is treated for further use, allowing us to holistically reduce waste, while cutting down on consumption, at the same time.

Global Brands That We Work With

ETCC has been working closely with global clothing brands such as Levi’s, The GAP, Allen Solly, Peter England , kontoor , H&M & TRIBURG to develop sustainable solutions for our apparel customers.


save energy
Traditional methods involve heating the water up to 60-70 degree Celsius using steam which requires using energy. But at ETCC, the chemicals we produce activate at room temperature, therefore resulting in saving of energy.
save money
Our belief in making sure 'efficiency is at the heart of our work' is evident through the funtionality of our products. Small dosages of our chemicals are sufficient for washing a large number of garments, thereby helping you minimise costs.
save water
The chemicals we produce are required only in small dosages per wash of a large number of garments. Significantly lesser amount of water is needed to dissolve our chemicals, which ensures saving of water.

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